Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily Sketch No.33


Without Limits there would be no form. A Beginning and an End are limits in themselves. Where they meet a cycle ends and begins. On each limit an inside ends and begins. But as with time such it is with space, where the limit only separates to distinguish a becoming from a having-been and not the "What" that permeates it all. This "What" is defined yet by its own limits, which cease to be for the "What" that permeates it beyond. As each cell within us has its limits, we permeate it and define ourselves beyond them. So our body has its limit to the outside, with which it is defined, but our purpose permeates it. The purpose of this body has its limits since it had a beginning and will have an end, but our Soul permeates it. Our Souls have a limit to define each of us as individual, but its purpose permeates it. Carry on to meet the face of God, which still would bring you up yet another limit and only the infinite permeates it. And thus it does.

What about breaking the Limits? What about acknowledging the Limits? What about recognizing them?

Is it the will of a cell that gives it its walls? Is it our will that gives us the limit of our skin? Is it our Souls will that distinguishes us from each other? Is it the will of the supernal Soul that splits it from the Infinite?

Who gives those limits and are they a blessing?

The great burden that was placed upon us was that we were given the power to impose limits, to make definitions and thereby to create form. While the Infinite has created everything out of nothingness by means of separating elements through limits, we organize ourselves together by means of limits. Done with the right intentions has us as a whole permeate our own limits. But if those limits push us apart or block the whole of us to link through those limits, then we corrupt this power vested in us. Equally, if we disregard the proper limits, we lose form. The key, I believe, is to embrace limitations, if we can permit ourselves to recognize the form they bring forth. Then we shall experience that it is love, which permeates those limits to bind us all together and directs the motion of this form, guiding us from our beginning to our end and permits God to permeate it all.


Blogger 3ndl3ss said...

do you have a tumblr?

9:49 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

Tumblr, no, I don't. Why, if I may ask?

4:49 AM  
Blogger 3ndl3ss said...

Well, I was wondering because it would be my privilege to follow you in order to keep up with your wonderful work. Also,I am anti-corporate socialized media and I don't use my blogger either accept in special occasions and tumblr is a safe and productive way of seeing content as well as getting your images to a large audience so I figured that you might have one. ^_^%

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