Sunday, July 27, 2014


Here's a little brainstorming on universal "becoming" again.

To set up this train of thoughts; there are two fundamental components to existence we commonly differentiate: matter and energy.
Matter appears to be the purpose to which energy contributes from our common perspective. We consider ourselves rather matter than energy. We identify ourselves with our body more often than with our mind, really. From our perspective there is a necessity of being matter in order to be ourselves.

However, both energy and matter are merely manifestations we recognize of the universal process, what ever it may be. Matter finds order to produce- or rather- transform energy into certain patterns, which are then directed in various ways to facilitate the creation or maintenance of matter itself. This procedure leads to ever more complex patterns for both matter and energy alike.

In our state of being we are convinced that the universe is essentially a container within which localities represent purpose and separate processes. These appear to pursue different and even seemingly unrelated tasks. Marooned on a planet somewhere in space we find ourselves, wondering about other beings somewhere else in the universe. Arguably that, too, has to be by design. But what I'm pondering about right now is a different idea altogether: Patterns.

Everything we can identify is a pattern, held in one way or another. Anything that would not be a pattern does not exist to us. But even the invisible that has any meaning to us comes in form of a pattern. A thought, however complex or chaotic, represents the manifestation of a pattern.

What if the universal process is essentially the formation of a certain pattern. Again this eludes to the classic: Order out of Chaos.
What if the energy pulsing about in our brains represents the building of patterns of energy.
Once we would find enough coherence collectively, we would enable ourselves to transform matter in such a way that it could lead to the next higher complexity of energy transformation the universe desires for its "becoming".
It's not too far a stretch, when I think about this, that the localities of matter in the universe are of no concern to the "final outcome", if that's a way to call it. If there was any truth to this, that everything is really just the motion of one agent, what ever that is, then all the cosmic pirouettes are part of dance that can have its climax in just one spot on the universal stage. All the macro patterns can find their perfect purpose in a completion of a micro pattern.

It's perfectly find, if you giggle about my potential insanity. I'm giggling a little myself, especially in anticipation of later revelations that shed light on my folly as of now, haha. But here's what I'm currently becoming aware of, however silly this may sound or be:

We are the universe. Everyone of us, so I believe, should recognize that he/she is the universe in form of who ever you are. Each one of us is a manifestation, desired and required by the whole of it. We are dumb and- at the same time- the greatest hope of existence, to lead the entire process to the next stage.
We have to tame our animal mind to overcome its lower-level imperative and recognize the higher power we truly are already. But taming does not mean shedding. Everything that ever was is build on and consists of everything that ever was. You can't take that away and hope to have anything left that could be new.
Thus, we have to work with our instincts, but not let them dominate us. Lead the way with what is superior to the basic needs, but furnish those basic needs, nourish them and value them. But it really is important to rise above them with your leading powers.

All these thoughts are not easy to have or hold. I'm having a hard time trying to express the full extend of them. But sometimes it's most important to hold on to the triggers of such thoughts, finding direction rather then waiting to know a destination.

We are very lost in foolish materialism, letting the fear of organizing factions of humanity pull us into our animal instincts to remain controllable rather than to find the higher use of our collective powers. As long as we are kept in fear about not being able to feed our lower-level "animal" needs, so to say, our focus is being pulled into them and away from our higher capacities. This way we are easier to control, certainly, but also we are held back from collectively rising up to our true universal function, hidden in our power to form the next dimension of energy patterns, which should then give rise to what ever pattern of matter is necessary to form the next dimension of the universe...or...ourselves for that matter.

It's a tough spot to be in, being a human being. You know that your body is not a sculpture, right? Matter constantly transforms in and out of being "you". But we disregard that completely and think we have to hold on to matter. Yet it never sticks and we'd be dead if it was. What we really hold on to is a method, a structure or set of instructions that keeps pushing elements into certain places and sorts them to function collectively in a certain way. Once an element has been used, it's being discarded. And that happens at every fraction of a second of each minute and so on... we're never the same in terms of what we "possess" in form of matter. But our mind has just about evolved to begin to come to terms with that. Many of us would still shake their head about it and find some excuse for why they wouldn't respect this thought as meaningful.

But it is not going to be some accidental recombination of DNA segments that will lead to the next evolution. Each step of evolution has been conscious to the given possibilities and circumstances and progressed from the cusp of the respectively highest states. That means that we now have to use our fully conscious powers to really introduce the next level of evolution. And we have to realize that we are not lost or left behind. We are the universe, we transform, we are each level and just now we become "more" conscious about ourselves. That's all. We are equipped to lose our fear and instead embrace our real power to connect "free will" the way it's been enabled to. Only when we can set our mind free, we can let go of fears that hold us back, but not just each individual itself. We hold each other back as we view each other as opponent, challenge or handicap, or object to use and so on... all the beastly thinking that confines us, hurts us, numbs us.

The tough spot we're in is that we've got nobody else to turn to for answers, just as we've managed to evolve questions. Who's God then, when we ask religion, but religion has tried to tell us long before we've lost all understanding of it thousands of years ago. God is everything altogether. In that sense we are the mind of God, the Ego in distress, as a clear thought can only come from all of us together. It's not a separate entity with desires about which we are not informed. As soon as we have understood how to function as a whole, we will find and meet God face to face, haha, looking at each other! :o)

As always, I could go on and on and I can't help but wonder, if anyone actually reads all this, thinks about it with me and maybe helps to let us find a direction and an approach to make it happen, make us truly link up and stop losing to a prior evolutionary state of ours.

Know thyself! Boy, oh, boy, that is a hint that goes straight to the source, long past our silly interpretations of it.

Love and Light 


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