Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Right Thing

You won't know what "the right thing" is for anybody else unless you let them show you.
You can't ever tell anyone what "the right thing" is for them except to let them show it to you.
You only ever can offer what you have to offer so that people can use it to discover what "the right thing" might be for them.

Everything has consequences, but if you define consequences yourself, you best be clear about your motives. If your motive is defined by the agenda of others, you must be clear about their motives. We have a lot of cleaning up to do in order to shake off the chains of contrived needs. As long as we keep things from each other for the sake of satisfying irrational desires, driven by blindness to the whole, our motives will never be clean nor clear, not even to ourselves. Even the genuine desire to be universally useful in the best way we can is often informed by ideas whose origin we are unaware of. In an ideal world we could just trust the authorities, but this is not an ideal world, even when Zen teaches us that the present state- or each moment- of the universe is perfect.

The word "Perfect" says nothing else than "Finished" or "Completed". Once any moment has manifested, this moment is completed and therefore "perfect" by definition. But that also indicates that each coming moment still asks for completion and our decisions now lead to the perfection of each next moment.

How, then, do we know what "The Right Thing" is?

If it was a puzzle, we'd first have to open the box. Once it is open, we have to see the pieces. Only when we recognize a piece we can lay it down and see where it fits. Some of them we can instantly recognize as fitting. Sometimes we feel like it might fit and try it out. But we can never move on, trying to push pieces together that don't clearly fit.
To do the right thing you have to be in a situation that is clear to you or follow your feeling that could lead to clarity. But you cannot move forward, if you force yourself into a situation that is fundamentally wrong and hope to ever enable yourself to the right thing in it.
"Free Will" is our power to find clarity and function outside of contrivance and without contrition. Label it a liability and you lose your humanity and your human potential. But "Free Will" can never lead to harm against anyone for then it is skewed by motives you have to detect and eradicate first. You only exist for the sake of all as you are but a part of all. Those of us, who are born as parasites won't ever know it and cannot feel remorse, but most of us are being pulled into just such a state, asked to act like parasites, even if we're far from that often not at all aware of it. If you find yourself depressed, unhappy and in a state of procrastination, you have not yet discovered where your free will is meant to take you, because you are meant to be useful to others in a way that brings joy to you. Now the big trouble we're having is that the pieces of humanities puzzle are quite dirty by now and it's hard to weed through the mud and find where you could fit. It takes a lot of probing sometimes, but you can be absolutely sure that there is such a piece and you will find a way to do "The Right Thing". Remember to become clear about your motives and to investigate the motives and agendas of those you chose to support! We have a lot to clean up about our own act, that's another certainty. Whether you're an employee, employer or a freelancer, only in the pursuit of clarity will you truly allow your Free Will to lead you towards ideal perfection.


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