Monday, August 29, 2005

Goxo - 008

It's a late post for today, but I felt like doodling some more. This one is me giving up on trying to get much more sophisticated with my painting skills at this point. I just have to accept that my choices and abilities currently merely satisfy some cutezy children's book type of illustrations and that I probably would have to start looking at some reference for my stuff. I guess it's time for some more academical studies, but essentially only because I'm a bit to impatient to wait for my brain to evolve all by itself to any standarts forged over millenia. But, I shalt not patronize's all fun anyway. And, by the way, I'm not attempting to tickle out some reassuring comments, I'm writing this down for journal purposes and acknowledgement of my state for myself. I'm kinda looking forward to one day look at this and remember...ah...see..that's how it was, how funny - ha - ha. I think...
...but I'm having such a blast, after all. It's a privilege to be able to explore again and I'm enjoying it tremendously!

Goxo - 007

The picture says it all...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Goxo - 006

I've added the lonely snitzer into the foreground, but it only shows to me my impatience and lack of knowledge about all sorts of things including anatomy, shading, posing, composition....etc...etc..etc...but heck, gotta start somewhere...

This becomes truely somewhat like a journal. The confused days of out of control sleeping habits. 11am this morning. Anyway, here's the painting I had started yesterday, but didn't get around to finish. I still wanted to actually put a subject in there, because it is literally only a stage, but it's a curious study so far...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Goxo - 005

Another sketch for today...this time 2.5d with some Zbrushing to it...I'm currently rendering to finish up a show I'm working on and that gives me some time to goof around, even if not a lot...but it's just the perfect type of gap to make some experiments with my favorite tools, using them in ways that I normally wouldn't...really fun, recreational and educational!

Goxo - 004

Yet, another morning!

Whereby this one is somewhat insane...I woke up 2am and feel like my sense of sleep and wake rhythm is totally loose, wobbling from a hair thin tendon and covered in a slippery oil. BUT, I shall force myself into this thing called "normal life" in terms of night and day. Anyway, not entirely surprising, here's a new sketch that sort of illustrates my confusion as a result of yet another free flowing painting.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Goxo - 003

Good Morning,

what a great start into another day of waking up early...
I've decided to make another little 2d speedpaint, which is a great way to start the day by freely letting the mind flow and just do what it wants to do! Why ever that's a weirdly distorted ear coming out of my mind, I wouldn't exactly know, but hey...what the heck! =}

And I hereby have decided to just drop the silly "stats" thing...I mean, who the heck really cares and I'm not racing against time or anything/anyone for that matter...uh, look how damn fast I do my shit...speaking of which, I think it takes about the same amount of time for me to do that than it does to do a painting of that kind and that simply doesn't say anything good about my's a blog, I can say that, right?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Goxo - 002

Amazing how much a silly thing like this blog stuff inspires quick little sketches made for the soul-purpose of being posted here...
...this morning is the first morning for a long time now, that I actually slept at night and woke up 6:30am. For the last few months I've been gradually drifting into a total reverse that made me to go bed at noon and wake up at night. Well, after this early success of switching back I feel refreshed and full of strange energy, as this little ZBrush sketch shows. Cheesy, but it certainly entertained me for about 2 hours. For the first time I actually used a curious model feature called "Zspheres", which I normally would ignore...but for a silly sketch like that it's actually pretty perfect. Unfortunately this guy's goin' nowhere from here, being nothing more than what you see...but there's a chance that soon it will be possible to turn this sketch into a workable geometry and animate' he worth it? Probably not really, but damn what a great prospect...

Goxo - 001

Alright, the big "why not"-factor had me scribble a sketch for this thing here. Inspired by the beautiful word "enkygoxo", here's my first blog-sketch.
What it took (Wit):
openCanvas1.1 (20min)
Photoshop CS (45min)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

enkygoxo el taronium?

I couldn't resist to use that "word"...hillarious..."enkygoxo"! It just must have a meaning of some kind. However, since I havn't ment to make a "blog" I will treat this very, very badly and probably abbandon it now already. I basically just wanted to comment on a friend's blog.... ...ah well, forced into blogging...hmm.... I might add some crazy stuff later!?

If you want to witness just how lazy my html habbits are, just go and visit my actual gallery. It's all about content and nothing about website pleasures...