Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Goxo - 010

A late morning accompanies a certain type of numbness, that somehow leads me into this arbitrary landscape mood, but still with enough motivation to sketch it out somewhat rapidly. I was spending more time looking at it for the purpose of composing at a different level of intuition. The previous sketch had a similar, whilest a lot more spontaneous motivation. This time I was actually spending an hour with the sketch. One that flew by in it's first and larger part and in the last minutes felt like it's dragging on. Anyway, it's just another exploration and I'm not yet entirely sure what new experience it gave to me. Probably due to the still present numbness....hmmm....nothing a few cigarrettes and coffees won't be able to fix....

Oh ja, I almost forgot, part of the study was inspired by a painting I recently saw at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, which reminded me of my favorite approach to keep it all lose except for the major foreground element that is as tight as can be....kind of. It leads to a much more quickly composition and is a lot less concerning along the way, I think. Anyway...that's that...why would I get tired again now? Hmmm...maybe it is just a boring landscape after all...hehe...argh

edit: I woke up a lot happier today and felt like looking at that painting again just now and couldn't resist to adjust the tree a lot and also decided not to crop into the image...it's just a sketch for crying out loud, so what! =P


Blogger Tony C said...

One thing I noticed, is its a good sign to see that your tree, starting in the previous entry, having no leaves and is indoors. Now has opened up into the landscape (of mind) and is growing. And green at that!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

hmmm...what's with the broken one in the foreground, though! HAHAHA! Damn...

Thanx! That's a curious observation. Makes me wonder myself!

2:33 PM  

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