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The apex of "me"

Now here's maybe the wildest post I've made so far and it may well remain the wildest for a long time.

I believe we are rolling through the apex of the "me"-concept of life's approach to higher intelligence. I've been talking about that for a while, but- even if just for myself- I thought it's time to write this down as matters appear to become more and more terrifying or- at the very least- confusing.

Most of life, plants and animals alike, exist by means of interactions with and awareness of the environment and content around them. Their selfawareness seems to be limted for the purpose of maintenance and some adaptation at best. But during the course of evolution major catastrophes eliminated run after run of life's transformation ideas. The lucky or the clever ones marked the beginning of a new attempt.
In our current round the inherited power of a creature has given way to a perfectly new concept. Learning by relating the environment to ourselves and vise versa. The concept of "me". What does this do to me, what can I do to it. But the real confusions began when the question had risen: "Who am I?" or less gramatically correct but more percisely:"What is me?".
Aside from not finding any proper answer, we've offered this confusion to allow for all sorts of manipulation from others and to others from ourselves.

We found out our weaknesses and the desire to be "more" in order to find for ourselves a higher viability to survive or represent a valuable strain of nature. Naivety presented a gate for an ever increasing corruption of the initially ingenius appearing concept of "me". Most people, as they are followers- admittedly or not- wanted to be like those with power. For a long time in our own evolution that meant a great way to improve rapidly. Someone figured out how to do something with a tool, others wanted to learn that, too, and so forth. Through the entire process we appear to have developed a kind of wish to be something special. Deep within ourselves we instinctively pursued the concept of evolution, knowingly or not, that the preservation of our own strain would proof viability above any potential appearance to the contrary. Who ever came at the right time at the right place into the right woman (LOL, sorry!) would find himself in a dominant position and would create a dominant line of family. A sometimes not so hidden battle for family dominance emerged.

While in the beginning of mankind's dominion it was very clear to realize that cooperation has been the key to success against adversities, this concept started to degrade and deform with the distortion of the "me"-concept over time. At the high levels, however, a new incarnation of cooperation had evolved. And that's many thousands of years ago. Cooperation led to larger conventions of humans, settlements. Within such a settlement the rules of the wild began to vanish and people lost their understanding of things their parents took for granted. They even lost their understanding of how to deal with each other and eventually a need for guidelines and rules came to be. That also formulated a new nature of power within or rather above a group. People now had to listen to coordination given by someone or some group that demanded more and more tribute on top of the generally required respect. Status became relevant to define the quality of "me". Common people began to satisfy their urge for self respect by simulating the appearance of those in power. Wealth itself became a symbol sometimes even more than the tool itself that it would normally represent.

For the last few hundred years it appears as though we've been deliberately pushed apart by turning the concept of "me" against ourselves more than ever before.

In the first big round of "our" time it has been conformation. Look at yourself and make sure you are in line with everybody else. That went up to a breaking point, when the abuse of it became all to appearant through several wars and imposed restrictions when other options became more and more clear to the masses. I might be skipping around wildly, but currently we are or have been in a round that features individualism as a symbol for independence, which has always been a sign of power. That idea is incredibly successful when it's about separating us from each other and everything else, actually. Entertainingly enough it is actually still conformism, but under a new label with the added bonus of officially "giving a damn" about the neighbors, so to say. Naturally we're losing the power of the collective. We lose trust and faith in each other. We've been separated from nature hundreds of years ago by all kinds of religions. I suppose in an effort to satisfy the aquired desire to be special we've allowed ourselves to be defined as such through the proposal of our creation by a higher being. And because of our limited imagination it had to be something we couldn't see to avoid any disproof. And because to establish a hierachy it had to be either an earthly incarnation of a god or at last a messenger of and to the diety.
Again mankind's naivety helped to keep this afloat until the age of information combined with the encouragement of greed, which might have been nothing but a side effect of the abuse of the "me".

So where are we now?

Made to look out mainly for ourselves we're incapable of trusting each other and are looking at what ever is the next best higher power that readily presents itself to us through all media. It leads our thoughts and connects us in just the way and for just the purpose it wants. It feeds us with a manifestation of greed that it knows how to handle. I believe that most of us don't know anymore how to even ask for "who am I" in regards to existence, but only in regards to who ever sees them. "Who am I" amongst my peers. Not "Who am I" as a being to nature, the planet or the universe for that matter (hehe). (side note: musicians might know that a bit better after reading their contracts! LOL).

I will now try to tell you who you are and you have to pull yourself together for a moment. Take a deep breath, please!

Every one of us is a product of transformation of the whole. The whole being life on earth. We are nothing but an incarnation of organic existence with the mission to proof our ability to function as a whole, not as an individual. If we don't understand that we're nothing more than a collection of smaller lifeforms that has an involuntary union in form of our bodies, controlled by several centers of instructions, including our brains, we shall not survive. If we don't worship our privilege to participate as another source of revelation and contribution to the whole, we shall not survive. If we don't recognize with pride to be the sibling of each piece of grass, there's no survival for us. You are life on earth and you're but a moment within its transformation. Much like roots weave their way through the ground, this transformation makes decisions as to where to turn to next. A dead end for a root is only the dead end for a direction and in every way we- as we find ourselves today- represent a direction more a required or sustainable concept. There is no real "me". It is a tool of nature to guide thinking to the next level.

The level after this may well respect "us" more than itself, because a healthy self-maintenance becomes a given again. We won't feed each other with poisenous junk for "personal" gain. We don't trick each other with self-destructing temptations for "personal" gain. Joy and pleasure are the natural reward of knowing to give all you can give to find yourself in a healthy, save and sustainable commune. Guidelines will replace rules, because the "we" would not see an advantage to harm itself, but would want to know how to improve conditions for the whole. And it's not like we weren't capable of doing just that just now! It's not like there wasn't enough food, shelter, knowledge and imagination to get this off the ground. We just have to allow ourselves to be deprogrammed from the insane "devolution" of an initially ingenius concept that was "me".

I don't know where to start other than sharing my thoughts with you. Those are difficult thoughts that are even more difficult to share properly. I can't tell if I have managed to express them understandably. But I'm one of us that knows these thoughts belong to all of us and maybe we all can help to find even more understandable ways to explain them and to continue developing them, of course. Don't forget, there's always room for a joke or two, because humor goes a long way to deal with the crap we've let ourselves ride into. But it's about looking forward. I know many of you may react allergically to such phrazes as the following, but the first best thing you can do is to begin to recognize love as the emotional feedback from knowing that we all are a whole altogether with every kind of life. Forgive those, who were born into the wrong ideas and can't leap out of their degeneration, because somehow nothing appears to oppose their reign effectively. Begin by waking up to simple revelations on how to feed your own cells properly and teach or share what you've learned. Celebrate the power you find by knowing that you are not alone. You can only be seperated by the wrong ideas, but as a being you can never be alone.

But be warned, too! We are as everything else will ever be in life's reviewing session and can be layed off just as easily as we were conceived.



Blogger Pai said...

I felt you have transformed on this new post. My english is not good enough to give you feedback but I am deeply understood your thought of this "Apex of Me".

Be well.

5:35 AM  
Blogger Leonardo said...

I understood what you meant, It´s nice to know we´re not alone in our thoughts. It´s really amazing how fast life passes and how few we know each other (ourselfs and the rest).
I started noticing how many groups of people are in society right now. It´s not just a matter of economic levels. We´ve been subliminaly encoureged to be "individual", to be diferent from the rest, because we are "unique". And in the end we ended up being separated from everyone else. Small groups of different social levels of income, fighting each other to survive, while the ones in charge who have the "power" control our lives and we don´t even know it.

I think what you wrote was excelent. And I hope that everyone that reads it starts to realize more and more that we need to unite and regroup as a whole, and to be aware of us like being sons of nature, the universe, god, or whatever god means to you. Whe are all the same.

Thanks so much, please keep on posting Taron.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

Thanks, Pai! It seems to me your english works perfectly well and I'd love to read more about your thoughts, but thank you already so very much. Sometimes a good thought just needs to be felt!

Thank you, Leaonardo! We have the same hope it seems and that's a wonderful start right there. These ideas can't be taken lightly, while too many people don't give themselves the time to really immerse into them. What does all of this mean to anyone's life? Is it possible to reach all the way to the foundation of understanding life for many people, all or any? Can we collectivle wake up?
We all have our own kind of childhood, interests and experiences and in mine I came across "Dune" when I was very young. One line kept echoing in my head even until today and that went: "The sleeper must awaken!". Cheesy scifi-geek stuff? Sure, haha, but profound lines are everywhere. Don't hide the quality of anything behind its label!
I know that you understand already, which puts us on the same mission. Hahaha, don't worry, you're not recruited by a wicked cult, but I'm also sure you know what I mean.
Any profound search produces revelations even by the choice of what to investigate. These revelations may well tell you how to interact with others and it's the exercising of them that will already turn you into a kind of missionary. Normal situations, normal challenges, they offer plenty of opportunity to draw from your newly found understandings. But you have to know, if you want to explicitly tell people, what you believe to be true, you have to respect their origin to guide them towards a point of perspective that will let them see what you are seeing. That's not easy at all. Easy amongst like-minded, of course, but sometimes seemingly impossible with those, who have always looked the other way (a little pun intended!).

Anyway, thanks again for your power- and wonderful comment!

4:43 AM  

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