Saturday, October 10, 2009

Distractions of the flesh

It seems as if we were the first creatures on earth to become selfaware. As that we behave like infants, being preoccupied with the idea of figuring out ourselves. We're not yet far enough in our understanding to focus beyond oneself. To recognize what we have to do to contribute or even develop our personal best in order to stear towards a best possible accomplishment of us all, this still seems inaccessible to our minds.
As long as we can't acknowledge the whole for ourselves, we rely on others, the system and it's propagators, to tell us what to do. So much so that we even rely on them to tell us what to believe. We don't gather knowledge, but swallow instructions. And all this simply because our selfawareness does not provide a revelation in regards to our purpose.

I went on a journey to allow myself to follow my real desires, the activities that lead to accomplishments that bring me true joy. I was waiting for the right moment to begin disregarding the advice of those, who pointed into a different direction. That right moment came with a certain clarity in regards to what I knew I loved to do. But as an artist, people alway give you advice away from arts, which might sound like a different story, inapplicable to the rest of us. But I don't believe so. I think it merely has to be adapted.

As I began to follow my wishes, knowing that they meant a pursuit of constant self-improvement, I listened to every advice that could help navigate into the life I had to live, even if it wasn't immediately useful or sometimes even out of context. In this way I was already accepting the common spirit, the cooperation of humans by advice coming from somewhere else and somewhen.

Anyway, the more we can rely on wisdom in our free will, the more we recognize that self-determination feeds into the ultimate group-determination, the more we can rely on the advice of others during the process of the discovery of our personal passion and purpose.

In the meantime we always have to gather options as informations and informations as options, finding out like with a happiness sensor, a radar for the field of our true self-application, in which direction we'd like to head. Never confuse the urge to become the best as one that was for yourself. You only count as one of us all and nothing of you remains but that which you've given away!

Just as no math can help us calculate what we will do next, no hope for a state of ours can help us know what we'd do if we reached it. I don't know how best to describe this, but I'm talking about those who fell for the idea of money and monetary riches. It's confusion that leads people into thinking that way. The lack of enlightened logic, one that goes beyond the currently existing system of mankind, leads people to seek refuge in a dream of power and autonomy. As if this state may help them finally realize what they were meant to do. I don't know how to break this cycle of insanity. I am somewhat afraid of thinking about that as long as I am alone, or there are too few people I know to recognize the nature of our dilemma. So all I can do right now as I've been doing for a long time, mostly without knowing, is that my choices can represent an option. Whereby I hope that people realize the difference between solution and method. I'm always talking about method. But enough of all this... ...I need to focus my flesh for a bit! ;-)

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Blogger Tony C said...

Taron, I just ran across a dvd you made for creating organic 3D models!
Great job my friend, I hope you had a wonderful 10-10.
Tony C

6:15 PM  
Blogger Pai said...

Always like to check out if you have new thoughts in your blog and glad I did. Another nice entry which very inspiring and uplifting, at least to me. Thanks Taron. =)

2:43 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

Dear Yasmina, thank you very much for allowing me to read your reaction. I'm never really sure, if I was able to translate and present my thoughts understandably and it's always more than just a great relief, if they appeared to have come through clearly enough. The best result a shared thought can have is if it uplifts! It means it pushed forward and opened up. I couldn't even hope for a nicer reaction. So thanks again!

Hey Tony, yeah, it's a while ago already and I should long have done some more, but I've been blessed with a good amount of wonderful reactions, really. I had a hunch it would be fun in every regard and, aside from some aspects, it's been a great experience so far.
I hope you're doing well, too! Havn't checked on you in a long time either. So, naturally, I'm very happy to hear from you again!

4:16 AM  

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