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There are people so far up on top of the foodchain, that they virtually hold the end of it in their hands. And for millenia they have turned humanity against life, declaring it to be somehow different and removed from it. Now they turn their ignorant globalist puppets against humanity itself. Whether James Cameron is a genuine fool or a ruthless and corrupt beggar, he uses his position to bring us yet another movie that is supposed to help all of us understand that humans are a pest. How shallow and dumb have we become to accept this rape of our minds. You may not fully understand the magnitude of that betrayal, but this kind of movie is supposed to perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophecy and make us viable for destruction in our own eyes. It's a free-ticket for us to run full tilt into the abyss with no regrets. Congratulations...
"Marginally effective entertainment nonsense", you say? That's what the barrel said about the dripping foccette. I sincerely hope that Avatar, this orgy of childish bullshit in nearly every regard, leads to a role reversal and make the barrel full of such crap finally flow over.

You should recognize that it's not your instinct to destroy yourself. It's not your desire to saw down the branch you're sitting on. You're not too dumb to sustain yourself, your family and contribute to the healthy pursuit of happiness through a secure and plentiful life.

You all have been manipulated simply because most of you are trusting, not lazy, not weak, not incapable, but just full of natural faith that your tribe, your pack is taking care of you. We live in a world so full of people that we can't just ask our neighbor, if he knows the board of directors and expect to get a dinner date with them. Your neighbor knows the same thing you know and that's what the tube tells and even shows him, what the teachers at school read to him or made him read and what the guys at the phonelines of his credit institute told him, if he wasn't gonna follow the plan we're all having been fed.

Well, now it tells you that breathing out is a crime against nature and that you have to pay tribute to the mighty inhalers at the international monetary fund so they can control the repair of the damage you've done with your worthless existence. Just in case you weren't aware of that, just watch some more movies like Avatar, 2012, Day After Tomorrow and the likes... they're all a great ride and you won't regret, but cheer as they sneak our own destruction into our bloodstreams, into our minds and push out all hope of ever being free.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to recognize the amazing grace that life has and the fragile brilliance of intelligence as it is given to beings we understand as being alive. Above all, and without judgement or hierachical determination, the human being. We do not have responsibilities for anything outside of ourselves, because all that is alive is part of ourselves. Meaning we are responsible for everything that we do, just in case that's being misread. I've said it many times before and I hate to see it dragged through the mud by such movies like Avatar, but in many ways we're like the mushrooms that stick out of the ground. The mushroom we see is only the fruit of a giant structure underneath. These fruits still need to work best for the environment in which they emerge. They can and have to be different. They do not need to eat exactly the same, they do not need to sing the same songs, but they need to nurture the structure beneath, which wants these fruits to work well. For if they do not work, it simply has to come up with a different kind of fruit. But that's just food for thought to yet another bullshit movie coming out of the mind-bending factories of Hollywood and where ever its poisonous branches reach to. The people, the artists, the great minds, they have so much potential, so much power, but it's the ability to create and deliver messages, connect people and celebrate and inspire accomplishments. But that's all they are and they do not have to be more. Neither does any other factory worker, farmer, healer, helper or protector.

You should now continue these thoughts on your own, because I don't want to believe you wouldn't understand how to. Trust me, not one of us has the perfect answer, but together we may stand a chance to figure it out. That reminds me of yet another great anti-human propaganda that goes" Not one of us is as dumb as all of us.". That sounds funny, but it's total bullshit. It's what they want us to believe. (Devide...) I think the problem is, that they look at this from a corporate or rather industrial perspective. If too many people begin to think about what is wanted from them, they all realize that it doesn't make any sense to begin with. Either way...

You must first heal yourself and have to become strong from the inside out to feel your own actual powers. As silly as this may sound, but food is a great start. Don't trust mainstream media with their food advice or any for that matter. Instead dig deeper and carefully, check out and validate independent sources by yourself. The first thing you have to realize, though, is that it's not rocket-science and fairly easy to eat healthy. If it sounds too complicated, be very careful. Use your mind and not your heart, get your heart to sustain your mind, hehehe... anyways.

Ah well, I'm ranting and preaching, thinking I have permission to do that, but I sincerely hope that the authorities will always allow me to speak my mind and I wish that you don't hesitate to laugh, if you have to, don't hesitate to let it all out, but forget all about who said all of the above and keep in mind the message instead. It's open, it's free, as any and all thoughts are. I'd have to lie, if I wasn't wanting to be just that: free like a thought!

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Blogger davidmaas said...

I've been growing impatient with the rampant Selbstverstaendlichkeit (implicit assumption?) that all we talented folk, all these promising students, have to create a fictional short film. We have to entertain. Its the end-all creed, the highest imperative of modern life.
Worst of all, it brings with it the conclusion that the purpose is to be entertained. To consume the digested digestions of others. What a crock!

I feel the increasing need to contribute to something of substance, ie. a pooled knowledge base. Documentaries not like the monster-truck Discovery bullshit, but passionate, truthful stuff like David Attenbrough.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

I think instinctively all serious artists have to varying degrees the understanding that there needs to be something more substancial. It's the continuous misdirection that hurls the innocently searching and self-developing creatives into the me-too paradigm of the anti-humanistic propaganda: Entertainment.

I like to breakdown words, since you may find hints as to what they actually mean. Breakdown "enter"+"tain" and you may find that it means "put into"+"hold", or the likes. Using words like "obtain, sustain, retain" to figure out "-tain". The german translation is "Unterhalten", which breaks down into nearly the exact same. It ultimatively means to put people into stagnation, procrastination. I think it's far worse now, there should be a new word for it, hahaha.

Anyway, if we don't have new stories to tell, we should at least tell the very old traditional stories to at least have a look at our origins. 500 years ago people have tried to make sense of what happened and came up with fantastic stories that people could relate to.

Science nowadays is so desperately corrupt, that you can't easily make a reliable documentary about real findings since you most likely won't be able to successfully publish them, let alone getting to the scientists, who still have their jobs after exploring the truth.

Anything that could revive common sense, not by leading a certain thought, but by demonstrating the process, that might be interesting.

Movies, music, literature, all of this always nutches the mind, implants ideas or fractions of ideas, but never fully turns anyone around. With that in mind it's tough to aim for the endall solution to our intellectual contrived confusion. If we are presented with a complete thought or a fully detailed and resolved scenario, we are not meant to apply our minds at all and also end up not doing that. We simply absorb the information and make some contrived facts part of our knowledgebase. No wonder sanity becomes something to fight for, haha.

Thanks, David, a great reaction.

Merry Christmas, by the way!

5:45 AM  
Blogger FKMaster said...

thast true...
if think to much --> you losing hair (like my younger brother)...
quality thinking not quantity thinking or
like albert einstein says:
"thinking too less is bad,
but thinking too much is dangerous ! "

7:17 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

FKMaster, I'm not too sure what you're refering to, but I assume it's best not to think too much about it! ;)

9:19 AM  
Blogger Tony C said...

Wonderful post Taron, it feels great to get my brain bubbling again instead of ingesting and crapping out the same old shit. Embrace who I really am and realize I am an artist.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Like with Keiji Haino everything you touch mirrors you.
Isn't that honesty?

Antisthenes revival ( which is the lingua franca of the Internet ) on the other hand is playing the ostrich's game.

7:22 AM  
Blogger FKMaster said...

what i mean... why same poeple taking movies for serious ?
i mean james camerron wants to create a new world puts one of his personal favorite stories (the story of dances with wolfes). its a fiction he set up his world with his planet and alien and his stupied humans.
i wanna learn somethings about life i would watch this kind of movie. its like watching a jackie chan flick... nobody cares about why the fighting or against they fighting... important is fight and cor. if go to cinema to watch a movie a called "godzilla" i wann see a huge monster which destroy everything... just relax and let you entertain... entertain can be anything... i go to movie and expect nothing.... after the movies i know if i was enterained or not... smae movie can entertain with a good story, same great action, same great visual pictures.. 500 years old pictures can be rubbish as well. there still good stories this days... 500 years there maybe 500 poeple whioch write stories...450 stores was bad and 50 stories was good, but poeple just remmenber they good stories, nobody talk about whats bullshit stories 500years ago have written.. and so like today...only different is... we 5 millonen poeple which write stories ! we get overflooded with huge amout of bad stories...
other example is student or alternate movies/cinema.. 95% of this have ego problem, they think they are the new a "parkbank" under a tree and called it Symbol of ilfe is not a good story !...

anyway if you change your viewpoint,alnmost most every movie have damn good stoires/messages... example same "bud spencer" movies have better messages than shakespears or other old stuff..
but books and movie like religion if you take it too serious and not us your brain ---> bad or sad.
if a movies have more success they always take serious and talk why is so bad.
great example here.

finally let this movie what it is. sames creative ideas of man which try to entertain poeple. like or not....ies

5:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hiya Taron hows you? Well I hope. I've only just caught up with your blog, life getting in the way :o) Excellent article, I've avoided seeing this film and I'm glad I have. As I've said to many people including friends and family, nothing good comes out of Hollywood. They think I'm mad as usual and just leave it to me being eccentric. I just find it all contrived.

We are but a stepping stone to what we can become.

3:16 PM  
Blogger jin said...


the simple message of avatar is an anti-imperialist one.

it is allegorical.

it is saying that we don't have the right to take something from others just because we have need.

it is NOT anti-human. it is created BY a human. it is no more anti-human than is a black comedian anti-black when he makes jokes or pokes foibles about black people. it is implicitly (barely) PRO HUMAN in every conceivable way.

BUT - it is saying that not everything we do is by definition RIGHT.

do you actually disagree with that?

do you think that all that humanity chooses to do is glorious and good simply by virtue of the fact that we choose to do it?

you replace the humans in avatar with old world europeans and the navi with native americans and THAT is the gist of the movie.

have you not seen pocahontas? have you not seen dances with wolves? same story. same point.

just because you belong to a tribe (in your argument, humanity), it doesn't make your interests greater than all others BY DEFINITION.

this is the problem with all TRIBALISM and even PATRIOTISM. it paints the world as US vs. THEM and WE are always right.

whether your tribe is american, german, or even human, that is BS.

your tribe can be wrong. that is the simple, INARGUABLE point of avatar.

further - you say human beings are special. we ARE. we are more powerful than any other animal on earth.

but that does not give us license to run roughshod over all that we see before us. and here, i can invoke the simple mantra of spider-man, "with great power comes great responsibility".

again, do you actually disagree with that sentiment or feel that that is in any way "anti-spider-man"?

gotta say, i almost feel like i'm not reading your post right and that it must be sarcastically written and meant to convey the opposite meaning of what it seems to mean.

1:09 AM  
Blogger jin said...

ran across the first 5 pages of the upcoming "cowboys and aliens" and it is remarkably relevant to my last post so:

7:53 PM  
Blogger Djeust said...


Great Article Taron!
And I like the addition of your definition "to entertain"...which makes me wonder to what degree we are asked to stay put.

We could ask ourselves the same question while listening to Pop music, watching the news, etc... I like to call it "explosive mediocrity".
On the outside...alotta BLING BLING
While inside.....NOTHING!

The sad truth is, if we really want to find that thing that rocks our mind, souls and bodies; we'll have to hunt it down and recognize it for it won't be as shiny and attractive as everything else shoved in our face's to break our attention spans.

On the scale of a H/W Blockbuster like Avatar I believe that it is a collaboration of artists working for a man's view/hope to please the most people in a target audience in order to make the most money because in a capitalist world you want to get the most from your investment. (like Madonna, Timberlake, U2 etc... who appeal to the masses)

The Story(music) is only a small detail and all of the CG is there to keep our minds visually numbed.

So to a certain point, both the director and the artists accomplished the goal they set forth because the film is stunningly beautiful and was a commercial success...the story however is incredibly cliche, resulting in a simple reboot of the films mentioned above, when it could have been braver in many ways.
Would it be better...probably!
Would it make more money..Not!

So in the world of H/W Blockbusters we could resume it to Artists trying to appeal to their directors that try to appeal to everyone in their target audience.

A realm in which there is little to no room left for experimentation and innovation. until some brave independent director makes that next rare jewel to renew Hollywood's lack of innovation I'd say we might as well stay away from TV's Radio's and Movie Theaters altogether and i a book or do some cardio or something!

6:59 AM  
Blogger Djeust said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Taron said...

Thanks everyone for your reactions. I havn't checked in for a while.

Nice comment, Djeust!

jin, you're bouncing on the surface of things, missing the most relevant effect of the movie. Which emotions that come out of it would you categorize as the strongest, especially looking back at yourself and your "tribe". Does it inspire love and appreciation for others? Does it make you respect soldiers, who realize that offering themselves to defend and protect not only their families, but the whole tribe they belong to? Does it teach you to respect everyone and take away the conditions for love?

Here's the thing about movies or anything we witness. Whether fantasy, historical, documentary or the actual day of yours, our brain receives all of this as experiences. It gets saved, it gets categorized and picked apart to connect to everything we've experienced before. Whether we "realize" that it's been fiction or not doesn't matter to many of the aspects it evokes. When you feel hate, this feeling is stored and has received a new connection. When you feel pride, anger, love, strength, despair, hope and even wanting or despise, it washes in with all you've collected so far. Not a fiction anymore, a movie has added something to your life, regardless as to how little it may seem or ridiculous it should be. We easily and happily underestimate the influence this stuff has on us.
For a movie to truely inspire, it has to leave things unfulfilled in order for us to understand that the problem isn't solved. Few movies have ever done that in a curiously possitive kind of way. Laugh now, if you wish, but the first Matrix is one of the most surprising movies of this kind. I don't know how on earth this could've happened, why it was even allowed, but it has a really powerful core and liberating effect. They've deluded it and confused it a fair bit with the silly sequels, if you asked me (which I've come to doubt you'd want, haha).
But, back to dances with wolves. It's easy to complain, bounce around hinesight and point fingers back at others and through time. The real clarification, however, is not in the blaming of executioners, but in shedding light on true foundations of any bad events. Blaming armies, generals and politics for wars is like blaming the fire for the burning. Look at what or who was lighting the fire and maybe even with what. None of those flicks show that. And if they dare they try to mislead most of the time.
Deluding is another wonderful concept of taking people's minds off of what they should truely explore.
I believe it takes great confidence, control and awareness to remain sufficiently immune to what a movie or any entertainment feeds into us, while still staying receptive towards each other and not turning into a sociopath. If we are trained to ignore and not to take serious what we experience, we slowly loose track all of reality.
I appreciate your comment, though, don't get me wrong. It's great to run into minds of all kinds here and it's exercising the greatest of our human powers, thought and communication. Thank you!

2:38 AM  

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