Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hidden Puzzle

It's not about resources, neither pure nor walking. It's not about gold nor servitude. It's not about the system, nature nor even the planet itself. This is about a thought of mine, so, please, attach all the mays, mights, shoulds and coulds to make the following entertaining to yourself, if you wish, but allow me to write freely and develop this thought further together with you and not in fear of offense due to the limitation of language itself and my command of it.

As we're being introduced to ideas, originating from the very surface of our (self) organisation, we are made to consider emotions and agendas, greed, love, hate, generosity, hunger, power, poverty, rule, religion, technology, health and other such things that correspond with what we can experience. If we had a use for hope, if there was a place for hope, which of the above held the most promiss?
Brainstorm it and you are exercising the place within ourselves that's so close to the hidden puzzle piece that it virtually has energy tumbling all around it. I believe that the hiding spot for the code fragment of the universe is located in the part of the brain that is inaccessible to us by design. It's a wild theory, of course, but it's the only place I'm aware of that has not been truely explained or successfully examined for it's actual use within the vehicular system we represent. It's not impossible that it is accessible after all and can actually be read such that triggers of it connect to autonomous or subconscious secretions or our ability to recognice complimentary structures within others. Hahahaha, yes, I know you are becoming increasingly convinced that I've totally lost it and that makes probably around 6 billion of us, but let me just endulge a little further into the possibilities.
I sure hope that you've read the previous post first (order out of chaos), but I will give you a brief summery of the train of thought with a slight update of possibilities on the same foundation.
Two containers, that we usually call universes, intersected and the substances with in them exploded into a swirling mess. It might well have been an impregnation, as it somehow doesn't make sense to me that on such scale at probably a higher dimension than the one we're in and experience accidents could happen to begin with. However, the violent intersection scatters segments of a large code throughout the universe. We call it DNA. As there has not been a supervising force at work that we know of or would help us with this thought right now, but the reliance on logic, the puzzle had to solve itself again. "Calcifying" the matter, stars, planets and other lumps formed giantic clusters as fractal as the pulling forces that began to bring them into place. Like a giant separator, it pulls useless formation into a giant grinder, a super massive backhole, as we call it, expecting that any complete fragment could escape the destruction. Various ways of deactivation of subsystems (solar systems) in a presorting process either vaporize matter or contribute it to neighboring systems within the giant separator.
As soon as sufficient start configurations of DNA found back together, the big puzzling game could begin. Some systems contained larger sequences, others smaller and so forth. All the larger pieces would eventually form creatures to consciously begin collecting and to eventually escape the grinders. They would begin to search the universe for other pieces. If the simple circumstances of a planet by means of its situation within the system would be the reason or the fact that it would already have usable fragments because of it, they would visit them and see if they can attach their code in hopes to find new pieces then. In some cases they might even find planets that already have fully functional creatures, different enough to suggest a chance great enough to continue the puzzle.
Assuming that their form has done well for them and that a vehicle similar to themselves was necessary to find a proper attachment of potential fragments, they'd create limited versions of themselves and leave them to their own devices to commence with the puzzling. Themselves being a fragment of the unknown, they understood to rely on a logic that appearantly was beyond themselves. Conscious efforts failed numerous times, so they decided to leave those creatures to themselves provided with some guidance.
Frequently they would return for checkups. Should something have gone utterly wrong, they would sift out the most hopeful and discard of the rest. It would be useless to do a complete restart from scratch, unless there was something else they had found in the meantime.

It's not about gold nor servitude, not about resources nor power. It might be about wisdom, the connection to the missing piece, it might be about technology, connecting to the missing piece or it might be about an unknown signal emitted by another hidden mechanism, enabling access to a lower dimension for nearly instantaneous connection within our dimension that would transmit the successful and functional connectivity. Who knows, but love may well be the subconscious trigger that helps us find the perfect match for procreating in the most hopeful way. And that's another story worth exploring.

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